Gregg Martin Instrumentation

Gregg R. Martin was an Instrumentation/Engineering Specialist for Allan Engineering Co. Inc. until it closed in July of 2007. Gregg formed Gregg Martin Instrumentation LLC in September of 2007. Gregg’s work history with Allan Engineering and Allan I.C.S. provided him with experience as an instrumentation technician, mechanical and electrical service manager, system integrator/project manager, and finally as an instrumentation/engineering specialist. With his past 29 years of instrumentation and control experience he was able to maintain the existing relationship with all of the previous customers.

Many of our customer relationships were established over 25 years ago. We like to provide that time honored commitment of quality service. We may not be the biggest but we want to be the best instrumentation service company to our customers!

Our work portfolio starts with simple instrument diagnostics and repairs and builds to an entire SCADA system installed and programmed for the City of Elmhurst, Illinois Wastewater Treatment Facility. Whether you have an instrument or control issue, parts order, or an equipment replacement need, our goal is your satisfaction.

Please allow us the pleasure of having you join our list of satisfied customers!




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